Candidate filtering, training & appraisals.

Got a code? Take your test!

Results Analysis

Part of the power of the Nuts and Bolts It system is that it's easy to view all of the candidates that have taken a particular test, instantly see their score and then inspect each of their answers, showing you where they were correct, wrong, or even close.


Below an example of how the latest results are displayed on the results summary page, helping you clearly identify the top candidates.

Results Analysis - Summary


This next screen shows an example of how each questionnaire can be analysed in more detail, this displaying one of the questions in a test and the fact that the candidate got this question correct.

Results Analysis - Detail


Further more, when viewing a candidates information, notes can be made with their test to help recall any extra points at a later date. All steps that we hope you'll agree, will save time and make it much easier to identify the right candidate for your business.