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Question Types

We provide six different question types that help our customers extract extensive and probing data that identifies a compatible candidate to match your essential criteria.

The objective of the personalised assessments is to obtain and analyse the responses based on questions relating to your specific needs and experience required. It is a widely held viewpoint that interview questions are typically focused on historical situations that occurred at another firm. The nuts and bolts it system empowers you to create questions that can demonstrate problem solving, innovation as well as a deeper insight into competencies and preferences that relate specifically to your job vacancy.

The questions available are:

1. Multiple Choice

multiple choiceWhen the candidate is taking the test, they have the option of selecting one or more of the options and the score is calculated on the accuracy of their selection.

Used for:

  • Identifying key skills or education criteria.
  • Industry or technical knowledge assessment.

2. Open Response

open responseThese questions are known as content questions which encourage the participant to demonstrate the steps of the process in identifying problems and opportunities on the job.

Used for:

  • Assessment of future business and technology developments within industry.
  • The candidate’s ability to adapt to change within the workplace.
  • List of capabilities the candidate will bring to the organisation.

3. Keyword Analysis

keyword analysisAsk the candidate to enter an answer into a textbox, and then check the answer against a series of keywords.

Used for:

  • Important current issues/problems job analysis.
  • Solve a real on the job problem that the candidate will face.
  • Candidate’s descriptive list of the effective approach for optimizing their performance.

The candidates score is then calculated by the accuracy of their answer to match that which is required.

4. Likert Scale

likertLikert Scale questions help measure beliefs, attitudes and opinion.

Used for:

  • Assessment of key motivators.
  • Leadership style preference.
  • Closeness of Supervision.
  • Communication style preference.

5. Image Based Question

image based questionsThe still image is a very powerful communication tool and embodies the phase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners. Images can be uploaded to support all 5 different question types.

Used for:

  • Technical competency assessment such as identifying elements of schematic diagrams.
  • Demonstration of observation abilities.
  • Demonstration of hazard identification.
  • Colour-blindness assessment.

6. Video Based Question

video based questionsTraditional face to face interviews has an inherent risk of mis-representing “the job” and the day to day tasks and challenges the job holder will face. The option of uploading a video that will portray a work scenario can educate as well as assess the participant.

Images can be uploaded to support all 5 different question types.

Used for:

  • Vocational skills assessment.
  • Listening skills assessment.
  • Observation abilities assessment.
  • Induction training.