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Heart behind the Logo

Tue 30th June, 2015


Recently, I had a very positive meeting that enabled me to obtain feedback that has fundamentally shifted my perception and prompted me to make immediately adjustments to my business.

The feedback focused on my existing communication message to decision makers, my default was to list a series of features and benefits of the system. The results over time with this format have been less than impressive, being quickly categorized as a recruitment service like many others who employ conventional recruitment practices and approaches.

Uninspired approach

The problem I have discovered is that I am appealing to the neocortex or the rational and analytical part of their brains. It encourages a quick comparison of functionality, cost and ensuring that the system does not challenge or suggestion a change in opinion or approach.

The simply fact is that the resources at my disposal is not comparable to the vast fortunes of the multinationals blue chip organisations. I recognise now that I have been targeting the wrong part of the brain and should instead appeal to the limbric part of the brain.

My new communication approach

The limbric part of the brain is where emotions, trust and where that gut decision originates. I am deeply passionate about challenging some existing conventional recruitment practices and advocate a fresh approach to key stages within the applicant sifting, shortlisting, onboarding and induction phases of the recruitment process.

Therefore, I accept that my viewpoint will only appeal to a smaller audience but now when a decision maker agrees to engage it is because they have been inspired by my cause rather than appealing to a series of functionality features and benefits.

My cause

Good quality and features matter, but it is not what generate loyalty. It is my cause and my strong desire to challenge particular flaws within applicant sifting, shortlisting, onboarding and induction phases of the recruitment process.

What to expect

In the following five posts I am going to focus on the reason why I started developing Nuts and Bolts It but how I intend to address the flaw. My invitation to you as the reader is to understand the heart behind my company logo, my motivations and my big picture vision and cause I want you to associate me with.

Next post

Next post will start on one of the frustrations experienced by many candidates, the snap 8-second suitability judgment and how I suggest a fresh approach to this age old problem.