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What keywords are important to you?

Fri 8th February, 2013

A recent discussion we had with a client highlighted the importance of the identification and development of keywords used in the process of identifying the correct candidate.

Keyword usage

Keywords are not only applied to the identification of hard-skills, industry-specific qualifications; job specific terms or phrases that identify knowledge content, but should also cover adjectives, verbs and core values.

Keywords can be universal amongst a specific industry sector, but we would advice taking a more tailored approach. The objective of keyword identification is not only to highlight key experience, knowledge or personality traits of a candidate, but also whether the candidate will be a harmonious fit in line with the organisations core values.

Full keyword identification

So, how critical is it to take the time to get a comprehensive keyword list? It’s absolutely vital.

Make a list of acceptable keywords that would answer a question as broadly as you can, and avoid just asking hard skills and industry-specific qualification questions only. From here, take the list, and to make sure that you cover every version of that keyword possible, engage in the use of a thesaurus to identify those alternatives and spend time thinking about how people can communicate the answers in a different phase or expression.

An example would be to look for the keyword manage, though there is no guarantee that a candidate will enter exactly that, so use a thesaurus and also enter possible keywords oversee, operate, administer, direct, handle, master how you have a much better chance of getting a candidate that really does know what they’re talking about, even if they use a slightly different word than you were initially after.