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New Recruitment Focus Are you CF Optimised?

Tue 17th July, 2012

The confidence of the business community has been significantly shaken with continued media re-enforcement of austerity measures, euro zone crisis, job losses and an apathetic appetite from banks to lend. Despite all the negativity there has been some encouraging signals on growth in 2012 from the private sector where employment rose strongly in the first quarter of 2012. Private sector employers took on 205,000 extra staff in the three months to March (Source: KPMG).

However, sobering news by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and KMPG about the sharpest decline in June 2012 for both temporary and permanent appointments in nearly three years.

REC’s chief executive Kevin Green says “The UK labour market has been remarkably resilent throughout the downturn” and “expect to make slow progress out of recession that we’ll see this kind of zig-zag pattern with some good months followed by weaker ones”.

The direct consequence in the reduction of successful job placements is the increase in availability of candidates applying for positions will continue to rise. Higher levels of job applications is inevitable and higher levels of permanent and temporary staff availability will continue to rise within recruitment consultancies. The increase volume of graduate applicants has for particular sectors such as the retail sector is 150 graduates per position or 142 for every investment banking position.

So, what does CF optimised mean?

CF means Candidate Filtering Optimisation and is a new focus for recruiting businesses.

The CF optimisation is the effective planning and execution within the recruitment process that provides a shortlist of suitable candidates. The objective of CF optimisation is to create a shortlist of competent candidates that was created with the smallest amounts of time, labour cost and advertising expenditure.

Therefore, CF optimisation is vital to recruiters who are currently reviewing their labour attraction strategy and how they can further innovate to reduce time and expenditure costs and well as they identification and acquisition of new talent.

Three simple ways to improve your CF Optimisation:

  1. Embrace new technology that provides you with both a systematic and automatic filtering service that provides you with the opportunity to filter candidates before you look at CV’s. Let the candidate prove to you their suitability by matching the identified competencies for the role.
  2. Create innovative ways of creating scenario based questions that will demonstrate the candidate’s tendencies and decision making thought process. Avoid traditional verbal scenario scene setting questions, but alternatively create simple video scenario questions. This format would work particularly well with technology based roles as well as vocational job roles.
  3. Ensure the CV is viewed only after competency based filtering is done. CV can be a great marketing tool for the candidate and experienced recruiter will know that what is on the CV is not always a true reflection of the candidate when meeting face to face. Less reliance on the typed CV and focus on systematic competencies testing first will bring more consistent and cost effect results.

The specialist in CF optimisation is Nuts And Bolts It. This system enables recruiters to individually customise their competency based question in both text, image or video based formats that provides the tools to reduce recruitment operating costs but not reduce the quality of the filtering process.