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Candidate Filtering

Candidate filtering (also known as applicant screening) is the administrative task of reviewing all interested job applicantís CV and identify a short list of candidates to interview. The main objective in candidate filtering is to eliminate those candidates who are unsuitable due to a lack of experience, unsuitable education or industry specific qualifications.

It is widely known that any forms of recruitment attract candidates with a wide spectrum of abilities and usually exert time pressures on the recruiter. Therefore, an average recruiterís time to read an individualís CV is between 8 to 12 seconds.

Candidate filtering in 3 simple steps

1. Direct all interest to one location.

We provide an on-line software tool that encourages all interested candidates to visit your personalised vacancy candidate assessment.

The personalised assessment helps our customers qualify and produces a shortlist of candidates in a time efficient and productive manner.

Candidate Filtering

Our philosophy is about identifying the crucial keywords from the assessment responses rather than focusing on CV presentation and itís limited data content.

2. Attracting the talent to your Employment Brand.

We help customers provide a corporate introduction to the vacancy that enhances the branding of your organisation. Candidate filtration is about educating potential new recruits to understand the company, its culture, history and career development opportunities that builds a reputation as an employer of choice.

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3. Maximising filtration by the data gathered.

The results of all completed assessments will be ranked in accordance to the matching of the answers set by the recruiter.

The data provided will identify:

  • How long the candidate completed individual questions and overall assessment.
  • Provides opportunity to insert personalised notes on the candidate.
  • Provides the recruiter the essential feedback to candidates as to their suitability at a click of a button.
  • Allows individual printout or export of data results.
  • Helpful data sheet to encourage greater probing of the candidate when performing face to face interviews.

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Question Types

View the different types of custom questions you can create for your test, including multiple-choice, likert, image and video-based questions.

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Flexible Pricing

Each of our clients has a different need, from the number of candidates to the size of the test. Our prices reflect an option for a test-run that suits you.

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